Client Testimonials


I have worked with Heather Mount since 2014.  Since that time Heather has been our “go to” accountant for all of our company’s business activities, such as bookkeeping, bill paying, invoicing, cash management, interactions with tax accountants, banking authorities, insurance and investment firms, and a myriad of others.

Heather is smart, hardworking, and extremely diligent in her attention to detail.  She has earned my trust, both professionally and personally.  She really works a problem until it is resolved.  She is a person of great personal integrity, and doesn’t shy away from telling the truth as she sees it.  But this is combined with a deep sense of compassion and nurturing that she feels for the businesses and organizations she works for.  

I am grateful to call Heather an integral part of my company’s team.

~Managing Partner

Marketing Research Firm